What is BirdSafeKC?

Swainson’s Thrush
Swainson’s Thrush, one of the migrants that most frequently strike windows.

BirdSafeKC is a volunteer-driven project coordinated by the nonprofit Missouri River Bird Observatory. Our aim is to reduce bird collisions with windows throughout the KC metro area. We survey buildings to determine the most collision-prone windows and work with building owners and managers to implement cost-effective solutions.

Window collisions are the second highest cause of direct mortality in the United States, and KC is ranked the seventh-worst city for bird mortality. Solutions include minor adjustments to landscaping, treating windows with aftermarket mitigation products, building with bird-safe glass, and reducing artificial lighting on building exteriors.

  • Report Bird Collision

    Easily report encounters of bird collisions you see in the Kansas City area.

  • Resources

    Check out our resources for providing better safety for birds, both for residential and commercial properties.

  • Volunteer

    Volunteer your time to help monitor bird encounters with buildings in the area.

  • Results

    Read our annual reports to see what we have found and next steps.

Data Recorded

These running totals are periodically updated

  • 97 Species identified
  • 1727 Survey hours
  • 34 Properties surveyed
  • 32 Volunteers